Video Scrapbooks
by Sara Samples

Help! I need advice on what photos to use!

Many couples choose to start their scrapbook with their baby photos, and photos of each individual growing up. To do this effectively, gather up favorite photos from parents and other relatives. Sort through the photos systematically, taking care to represent different ages and stages. It is nice if the photos correspond (ie, a photo of the bride playing with her mother's makeup corresponds with a photo of the groom dressed in daddy's hat and boots) but is not necessary. If you choose to use childhood photos, it may be nice to include photos that will inspire memories in your guests, such as all of the cousins on a camping trip, or building a snowman in front of Grandma and Grampa's house.
Next, chose photos of the two of you together. Photos that commerate special events are always fun, as are silly photos that show you having a good time together! Again, chose photos that tell a story, and will inspire your guests to share memories.
Lastly, remember that all the photos do not need to be of you! Photos of special places, such as the place you will be making your home as a couple, engage viewer interest, as do photos of pets, family members, and close friends. Whatever defines you as a couple is an excellent contribution.
In some cases, it may be appropriate to include memorabilia as well. If you have the ticket stubs from your first movie, or a playbill from a theatre experience, or even a brochere from a special vacation, all of these items can be incorporated as well. Contact me for special instructions regarding these precious and irreplaceable items.
If you have a formal engagement photo, this is an excellent note to end your video on. If your wedding invitation is available, this is also a neat idea. Be creative and have fun!


Help! I need advice on what music to use!

As with the photos, consider your audience and the impression you desire to make. Be certain that the music is appropriate for listeners of all ages, and of course that it is appropriate to the photos. It is not necessary to use entire songs-- we can easily edit music and mix together songs at the point of your chosing. Do not use all music of the same genre and pace; the effect is numbing. Rather, choose some music that is more upbeat, and some that is more sentimental. I recommend a using minimum of four songs, regardless of the length of your video.
Be creative with your choice of music. If, as a child, you adored Seseame Street, use the show's theme song during your early photographs. Music that is appropriate to the time period lends a sense of nostalgia to your photographs. Classic love songs, such as "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole are beautiful, even if a bit predictable. Don't forget to consult our online music database for song ideas!


Help! I need help that isn't provided here!

Feel free to contact me with whatever concerns you have. I can even help you organize your photos and chose captions and titles if you're stuck! The more personal your video, the bigger the success it will be at your reception! Please don't hesitate to make any suggestions you feel would contribute to the excellence of your scrapbook.

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