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* * * Fantasia and Fox Valley Lutheran High School celebrate A Night at the Movies* *
Chaparones Say:

I appreciated your willingness to work with me to play only music that was appropriate...very professional in appearance and performance. I also appreciated that you came earlier in the day to set up while we were decorating. You did a wonderful job for us!
Mrs. Marge Franzke, Student Council Advisor

I would like to thanks you both for all of your work, effort, and committment to our students.  It's evident and appreicated by all of our students.  Thanks again for making the End of the Year dance so special for all students, but especially for the seniors.  Most students stayed to the end and nobody wanted to leave.  You were very much the reason.

[Fantasia's lighting was] the highlight of the evening. The equipment is "state of the art" and it all adds the the experience. [Musically, Fantasia had] virtually anything you want. I also really liked your attention to detail regarding playing appropriate music. I think that anything we wanted, you would have somehow got it done. Overal, very professional -- very well done from start to finish. Our students had a great time!
Mr. David J. Voss, Assistant Principal


Students Say:

Hey guys: I want to thank you so much for coming and entertaining us at our Pee-Wee Prom. You guys did an awesome job of getting everyone on the dance floor, and making all the people there have some fun. The music was great, the lights were great, and the atmosphere was amazing. I am sure that we will definately have you guys for many of our dances in the future. Thanks.
Brian Fischer, THE SMURF MAN

I had a super time. I danced with ladies and gentlemen. The lighting was beautiful and was perfect for my PeeWee Prom experience. The music was delightful. I went home fulfilled and full of joy from the experience you gave me at the Great FVL PEE WEE Prom. FVL is a great school and it's great they could get a great MC like you. Thank you.
Justus Lee Rhone

hey, i just wanted to say that you guys did a really good job playing the music that a lot of the students liked. The dj played my song, so i was happy. it was a better music experience than at any other of our dances.
Beth Serwe

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* Fan·ta·sia. N. A free composition structured
according to the composer's fancy. A medley of familiar themes,
with variations and interludes.
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.

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