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  Grand March
  Bouquet/ Garter Toss
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Suggestions for:
The Grand March

What is a Grand March, anyway?
The Grand March is a chance to show off your wedding finery to all the guests at your reception. Men put their jackets back on, and women pick up their flowers. The Bridal party enters in pairs, in the same order that they walked down the aisle, circles the dance floor twice, and makes a "bridge." The Bride and Groom follow the couples in and around, but they go through the bridge. Traditionally, each couple lowers their arms and 'traps' the couple (remember the game "london bridge is falling down?") and holds them there until they kiss. After the newlyweds have emerged from the bridge, everyone dances.

The Grand March is also the part of the wedding reception where you show off your individuality. Some couples choose a slow, romantic song, while others choose something more upbeat. Pick a song that reflects your personality, or, if applicable, the theme of your wedding.

If you're still lost, here are some of the "fun" songs that have been commonly used by other couples.

1. Sirus (the Chicago Bulls Theme)
This song is especially fun if you choose to announce each member of the bridal party as they enter.
2. We Go Together from Grease
Come in Dancing!
3. Chariots of Fire
Enter in slow motion for added effect!